Release Candidates for Isabelle2022

The official Isabelle2022 release is scheduled for late October 2022. This blog entry is dynamically updated to follow the sequence of public release candidates. See also the isabelle-release repository.

  • Isabelle2022-RC0 (08-Aug-2022): informal snapshot for experimentation, approx. 4 weeks before regular RC1.
  • Isabelle2022-RC1 (11-Sep-2022): first official release candidate, approx. 6 weeks before final lift-off. Almost everything is ready for testing. See also AFP/34a31d29f666.
    • There is presently no heap image for Isabelle/HOL on Windows, macOS/ARM, Linux/ARM; the adhoc build requires a few minutes after application startup.
  • Isabelle2022-RC2 (18-Sep-2022): consolidated release candidate with notable updates. See also AFP/59b24f0e98b1.
    • Proper heaps for Isabelle/HOL on all supported platforms.
    • Bundled MLton compiler for x86_linux: Ubuntu 22.04 has discontinued the former mlton package.
    • Update to Azul OpenJDK (22-Aug-2022).
    • Update to Scala 3.2.0 (05-Sep-2022).
    • More robust SSH support in Isabelle/Scala based on OpenSSH client programs (ssh + sftp): former JSch (ssh-java) has been discontinued.
    • More robust isabelle build_docker tool, based on Ubuntu 22.04.
    • Minor tuning of HOL libraries and proofs.
  • Isabelle2022-RC3 (02-Oct-2022): further consolidated release candidate and fork-point of the development repository. See also AFP/a74db29363f5.
    • Update bundled Cygwin component: include openssh (for rsync).
    • Update bundled Naproche component.
    • isabelle build -o browser_info works with partial builds.
    • Minor tuning of system options (e.g. for ssh).
    • Misc tuning of Isabelle/Scala interfaces: proper support for ssh.read_dir.
    • Last-minute tuning of HOL libraries.
    • Last-minute changes of ZF syntax.
    • More NEWS.
  • * Isabelle2022-RC4 (18-Oct-2022): pre-final release candidate. See also AFP release: afp-2022.
    • Cygwin: proper home directory for ~/.ssh configuration.
    • Update bundled Naproche component.
    • Scala: Minor patches to support spaces in installation directory.
    • Poly/ML: more stable repository version, notably for ARM64.
    • Isabelle/VSCode: proper symbol encoding for auxiliary files, e.g. ML_file.
    • Headless PIDE session (e.g. via isabelle server) supports editing of files (as in Isabelle2018).
    • Proper warning for isabelle build with empty selection (as in Isabelle2019).
  • Isabelle2022 (25-Oct-2022): final release candidate. See also AFP release: afp-2022.
    • Session ROOT: proper default chapter Unsorted.
    • Windows: more robust startup on national locale.
    • Implicit Java/Scala build: more accurate classpath (excluding .).
    • More public Isabelle/ML and Isabelle/Scala operations, to support Isabelle/DOF.
Written by makarius on Aug 8 2022, 9:06 PM.

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