Isabelle/VSCode as bundled application

Isabelle/VSCode Prover IDE

  • VSCodium, an open-source distribution of VSCode without MS telemetry, has been bundled with Isabelle as add-on component. The command-line tool "isabelle vscode" automatically configures it as Isabelle/VSCode and starts the application.
  • Command-line tools "isabelle electron" and "isabelle node" provide access to the underlying technologies of VSCodium, for use in other applications. This essentially provides a freely programmable Chromium browser engine that works uniformly on all platforms.

This refers to Isabelle/73034d385688, which also provides an updated README.md: VSCodium shows that in the regular extension dialog.

After some weeks of struggling with the underlying technologies, the required patches to VSCodium turned out rather simple, see Isabelle/src/Tools/VSCode/patches/.

This is the first time to make it semi-public. There are many small and big questions that are still open, see details in https://makarius.sketis.net/repos/isabelle_vscode_development/file/tip/TODO.md

Written by makarius on Mar 25 2022, 1:37 PM.

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