Isabelle/Scala improvements


  • Each Isabelle component may specify a Scala/Java jar module declaratively via etc/build.props (file names are relative to the component directory). E.g. see $ISABELLE_HOME/etc/build.props with further explanations in the system manual.
  • Command-line tool isabelle scala_build allows to invoke the build process of all Scala/Java modules explicitly. Normally this is done implicitly on demand, e.g. for isabelle scala or isabelle jedit.
  • Command-line tool isabelle scala_project is now more thorough in providing Scala/Java sources of all components with etc/build.props, including user add-ons. This includes jEdit sources and Isabelle/jEdit plugins (jedit_base and jedit_main).
  • Isabelle/jEdit is now composed more conventionally from the original jEdit text editor in $JEDIT_HOME (with minor patches), plus two Isabelle plugins that are produced in $JEDIT_SETTINGS/jars on demand. The main isabelle.jedit module is now part of Isabelle/Scala (as one big $ISABELLE_SCALA_JAR).

This refers to Isabelle/13c66810f7b0.

Written by makarius on Jul 18 2021, 10:16 PM.

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