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Diviner Phabricator User Docs User Guide: Configuring an External Editor

User Guide: Configuring an External Editor
Phabricator User Documentation (Application User Guides)

Setting up an external editor to integrate with Diffusion and Differential.


You can configure a URI handler to allow you to open files from Differential and Diffusion in your preferred text editor.

Configuring Editors

To configure an external editor, go to SettingsApplication SettingsDisplay Preferences and set "Editor Link" to a URI pattern (see below). This will enable an "Open in Editor" link in Differential, and an "Edit" button in Diffusion.

In general, you'll set this field to something like:


Some editors support opening multiple files at once when filenames are separated by spaces. If your editor supports this feature, set "Edit Multiple Files" to "Supported". Otherwise, you can set it to "Not Supported" to disable "Open All" buttons in the interface.

Configuring: TextMate on OS X

TextMate installs a txmt:// handler by default, so it's easy to configure this feature if you use TextMate.

First, create a local directory with symlinks for each repository callsign. For example, if you're developing Phabricator, it might look like this:

/Users/alincoln/editor_links/ $ ls -l
... ARC -> /Users/alincoln/workspace/arcanist/
... P -> /Users/alincoln/workspace/phabricator/
... PHU -> /Users/alincoln/workspace/libphutil/

Then set your "Editor Link" to: