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Isabelle/jEdit full-screen problem with macOS Big Sur
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On Big Sur the native full-screen button works for the main jEdit view, but not for derived dialogs (e.g. search, hyper-search results).

See also (still unresolved).

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makarius triaged this task as High priority.Thu, Jan 7, 1:48 PM
makarius created this task.
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It is unclear how to address this properly, without an update by Apple or OpenJDK (not to be expected too soon).

As intermediate solution, the soft jEdit full-screen action has been improved slightly in Isabelle/d77bb4441250.

makarius lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.Sun, Jan 10, 4:03 PM

Works better with work-around, as documented in Isabelle/6345ad861a36.