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Update component for Z3
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Follow recent development / stable release of the important Z3 project, with current multi-platform support.

This probably requires significant changes of the Isabelle/SMT setup.

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makarius created this task.

Not yet for the Isabelle2021 release, unless someone does it very quickly and thoroughly during 01-Nov-2020..15-Dec-2020.

makarius lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.Oct 29 2020, 2:45 PM

Basically currently the proof format of Z3 has bugs that we cannot solve on the Isabelle side ( Fixing those requires either internal Z3 knowledge or time from a Z3 developer.

Additionally, Nikolaj Bjorner is reworking the proof format. Currently it looks like a lot more work on the Isabelle side (trimming the proof). Also handling of inprocessing is not clear yet.

Not ready for the Isabelle2021-1 release, approx. 15-Dec-2021. Note that veriT is more and more taking over.

See also 796ae338eb9d: use z3-4.4.1 for arm64-linux, which often works like pre-4.4.0 and sometimes crashes.