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Missing minisat.dll for nitpick/kodkod on Windows (and Apple Silicon)
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In the past there used to be a 32bit Windows DLL for nitpick/kodkod, but it was dysfunctional on current 64bit Windows and merely fooled nitpick in accepting it as installed solver. After this causes an explicit error, e.g. in Isabelle/8162ca81ea8a:

The SAT solver "MiniSat_JNI" is not configured. The following solvers are configured:
"SAT4J", "SAT4J_Light"
At command "nitpick" (line 1264 of "~~/src/HOL/Nitpick_Examples/Refute_Nits.thy")

There are the following possibilities to resolve this:

  1. fool nitpick again by including a dummy minisat.dll (empty file)
  2. find minisat.dll for x86_64-windows and include it in the kodkodi component
  3. change the check by nitpick to be more tolerant, e.g. warning instead of error

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I have scavenged the Net twice for a 64bit minsat.dll, but failed so far.

It would be great to know more for the forthcoming Isabelle2021 release, although this is not mission critial for it.

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Also missing: arm64-linux, arm64-darwin (relavant for native JDK on macOS).

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See also Isabelle/74a36aae067a and Isabelle/2d089ff0e03b --- minisat is provided as external executable on all platforms.